Sunday, April 29, 2012

Protest for Handmade

In the light of the recent event occurring on Etsy, when a reseller was promoted as a handmade business in their  Featured seller blog article, there was a huge concern among true Etsy craftsmen about Etsy's reliability and staying in the line of supporting handmade, as their mission statement says.
There was no apology from Etsy headquarters and the article is still on their blog.

More than 3000 sellers join the cause by deciding to protest at such unfair behavior. They are closing their shops for one day, starting from 10th of May 2012.

Some of the buyers decided that they will not shop on Etsy during that day, too.

You can see the list and join if you want to on the lower link:

Also, true handmade sellers are photographing their hands in order to show their attitude on the topic.

These are the hands of some of our CST members :)