Sunday, March 6, 2011


Here you will find hand-painted and decoupage items for your home or for you. This unique items will brighten your day. For home I try to create not only decorative, but also useful items. But why just stay at home, so I created jewelery to keep you happy everywhere you go.



CRAFT UNIKAT says about her work:
I'm so many things, but art was always present in my life. Since I was a child drawing was my favorite game. Then my cool aunt showed me how to make dolls and theater, dollhouse, jewelry, she gave wings to my imagination.
When I finished school I wanted to study art, but "it was irresponsible" so I end up in IT developing software. My work is creative, but not colorful..and I need color. Now I am mother of 3 and that is the greatest job in the world. Finally I have my little creative team. We are 4 little craftsman. Every item is picked by my little princesses. My prince is few months old but I think he will be great critic. My husband works outdoor as guide in adventure tourism so we spend a lot of time in the nature where my creative energy is renewed. 

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